Kobelco SK350

  • Kobelco SK350
  • Operating weight – 36,500kg
  • Width – 3190mm
  • Height – 3200mm – 3400mm (boom)
  • Max digging depth – 7.56m
  • Arm 3.3m
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SK350LC machines are also more durable than ever, able to withstand the rigors of the toughest job sites. It all adds up to new levels of value that are a step ahead of the times. Also, this machine conforms to Stage IV Exhaust Emission Standards, thanks to its signifcantly reduced NOx* emissions.

While focusing on the global environment of the future, Kobelco offers next-generation productivity to meet the need for lower life cycle costs and exceed the expectations of customers the world over.

Kobelco SK210

The SK210HLC-10 is equipped with not only the hybrid technology developed and nurtured by KOBELCO but also a large-capacity lithium-ion battery for the first time in the industry. The technology of KOBELCO which knows hybrid machines well has enabled a compact but high-power assist, evolving its hybrid machines into “genuine hybrid machines” in terms of fuel efficiency and productivity.

Furthermore, the SK210HLC-10 is equipped with newly designed extra durable devices to maintain its value. To the new stage. The hybrid machines of KOBELCO greatly exceed the hybrid standards that KOBELCO has established.

  • Kobelco SK210
  • Operating weight – 21,700kg
  • Width – 3180mm
  • Height – 3060mm
  • Max digging depth – 6,700mm
  • Arm 2.94m
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Kobelco SK140

KOBELCO has made the short rear swing excavator the standard for mid-sized machines. And with ongoing development in innovations such as the iNDr noise reduction system that both shuts out dust and cuts noise, KOBELCO is boosting value and leading the industry with construction machinery ideally suited to the urban environment.

The new SK140SRLC retains the compact shape and iNDr system advantages that KOBELCO has pioneered, but it has been fitted with a new and larger engine assembly for improved environmental protection. Low fuel consumption is balanced against increased work performance, and machine durability has been advanced. The new worldwide-model SK140SRLC. Working for the planet.

  • Kobelco SK140
  • Operating weight – 14800kg [700mm] / 14500kg [600mm]
  • Width – 2590mm
  • Height – 2870mm – 2700mm [boom]
  • Max digging depth – 5.52m
  • Arm 2.38m
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  • Operating weight – 15,160kg
  • Engine Type – Perkins 1204F
  • Rated Engine Power Output – 92.7 kW at 1,950 rpm
  • European Emission Standard Stage IV-compliant engine
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As soon as you step in the cabin of the HX145LCR, you’re in a different world. Every detail has been planned and designed around your needs. Quick, powerful performance is complemented by precise, intuitive control.

Kobelco SK85

The newest KOBELCO approach to low fuel consumption, NEXT-3E, now also applies to short rear swing
models, to maximize work volumes while saving on fuel. And the new ECO-mode in the SK85MSR creates even greater savings on fuel to turn SR models into exceptional high-earning machines. KOBELCO continues to lead the field in short rear swing excavators.

  • Kobelco SK85
  • Operating weight – 8270kg
  • Width – 2,300mm
  • Height – 2,410mm
  • Max digging depth – 4.46m
  • Arm – 2.13m
  • Full Details

Kobelco SK55

  • Kobelco SK55
  • Operating weight – 5160kg
  • Width – 1960mm
  • Height – 2530mm
  • Max digging depth – 3900mm
  • Arm – 1.69m
  • Full Details

Now KOBELCO has taken the next evolutionary step by packing even more digging power and practical performance features into the SK55SRX while maintaining a short tail swing. The new Energy Conservation Mode saves even more fuel, and Kobelco’s proprietary iNDr Cooling System ensures quiet operation, protection from dust, and easy maintenance.

For greater operator comfort and safety, the rectangular cab design offers plenty of room and an unobstructed view. It all adds up to enhanced full-size performance, short-radius agility and a low-noise environment, with exceptional performance features and a full range of value-added functions.

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